• Stewart Baird

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  • John McEwan

    John has had a lifetime career in travel. He started as a trainee with Thomas Cook and rose to become managing director, UK at the age of 36. He then became MD of the international business, comprising 54 countries. During his time at Thomas Cook he introduced the famous strap line “don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it”
    In 2000 John moved to become the MD of Lunn Poly and subsequently Retail Director TUI UK.
    In 2004 John was appointed as CEO, Advantage Travel Centres, the largest independent travel consortium. He retired from this role in April 2013 after establishing Advantage as the leading travel consortium of UK Independent agents.
    John was elected as the 1st chairman of ABTA in 2009 and served an unprecedented 4 year term.
    He was presented with a lifetime achievement award in 2009. He was inducted in to the Travel Industry Hall of Fame in 2010 and also received an industry outstanding achievement award in 2012.
    He is chairman of Holidaysplease Limited and also of EFR Travel Limited. He has recently become a director of Ski Solutions Limited.
    Additionally, he is vice chairman of People1st.

  • Ian Brooks

    Entreperneur and Investor



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