• Anything is possible if you try harder and have the right attitude. Take me as an example. I come from small country (I lived in Bangkok, Thailand) and English is not my fluent language. Before I joined ThemeForest, I was unemployed and ready to quit making web products. I was told by so many people that I was wrong when I decided to quit my part time job to work full time on the ThemeForest Marketplace. I got many rejections before my first theme was even approved.

    Collis CEO
  • Seriously, we feel blessed. With the global economic crisis of recent years—and we live in a country deeply affected by the crisis—only a few have the privilege of achieving numbers like this. Ours is not a job, it’s a visceral passion, a way of life. And when you can earn more than you could ever imagine by doing something that you deeply love, it makes you proud of what you’ve achieved.

    Cyan Director
  • As I started to fall out of love with clients (happens to the best of us), I took a look into the themes industry. I quickly decided to take a leap of faith, quit the day job, and jumped in head first. I remember it very well, I had enough money saved for about 3 months rent, and my son had been born just a couple of months before. It was an all or nothing deal.

    David Assistant



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