We partner business owners or management teams to help realise the full potential of a business. We specifically look for smaller, specialist businesses – typically with sales between £2m and £20m. Normally, these businesses operate in either the luxury travel sector (including a mix of long-haul travel or higher than normal selling prices) or special interest products, where the exclusive nature or unique proposition sets it apart from the competition.

Typically, we look for businesses that are profitable and either the current owner is looking to retire or exit the business, or if the owner feels a new partner, with strong funding, is needed realise the full capabilities of the company or the management team. We prefer companies with a stable track record and a team we can work with but are quite happy sourcing a new team to help a smooth transition. We look at travel agency, tour operator or dynamically packaged business models.

As you might expect, companies with a unique product offering, a strong brand and/or a active customer database are particularly attractive. We DO NOT expect ‘perfect’ companies ! We look to make sure we bring complimentary skills to a partnership – we operate a “bridge” where, for example, our investment is aimed at strengthening a team or providing greater sales & marketing capabilities – we will ‘bridge’ any gap until the right team or processes are in place.


We are always looking for talented leadership teams to work with us. If you have a stunning track record of success and are looking for your next challenge then please get in touch. We look for strong leaders who know how to create and maintain high performing teams. We obviously prefer strong experience in travel combined with a thorough understanding of their chosen product area, a passion for exceptional customer experience and a massive energy to realise your personal goals.